Business Application Software Design and Development

Saving businesses time, labour and money by automating repetitive tasks and labour intensive time consuming business processes through efficient uses of technology and software. Focusing on workflows, diaries, scheduling and reporting.

Workflows, Diaries and Reporting Solutions

CATFISHTEC solutions target the following areas:

  • Excellent overall ROI (return on investment)
  • Time, efficiency and cost savings
  • Increased employee output
  • Increased client base with limited additional workload
  • Save office resources - paper and faxing costs
  • Reduced training costs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Information is easy to access at any time
  • All of the information is together
  • Future scalability
Our Solutions

We believe that our solutions help businesses increase their Return On Investment, ( ROI ), while keeping risks low and profits high. IT should not be a cost. IT should be an investment. Solution are customised to meet your business requirements rather than one solution fits all followed by months of expensive configuration and set up costs to get the solution tailored to meet your business needs.

Business Advantages

Our pricing is very competitive because we do not carry large overheads and can pass these savings onto the client. Solutions can be hosted or incorporated into your existing structure.

Our Approach

Our solutions help you reduce costs, free up time and make your staff more productive. The software applications implemented are secure and scalable. We believe that simplicity is the key; each application is designed to be user friendly. The solutions are flexible and range from the single user to thousands of users.

Our Objective

To understand precisely what you want to do, the results you want to achieve and the way you want to use your business application.